Join the Elevenivy Team!

ElevenIvy is a Lifestyle Advertising group that strikes to innovate by bringing a nonexistent metropolitan atmosphere to the Sun City. Our main purpose is to show people a new lifestyle, by creating exciting and exclusive events, developing marketing strategies for existing and upcoming businesses, and producing advertising campaigns enhancing the contemporary-upscale lifestyle of our brand. Our marketing department produces quality work collaborating with companies in the El Paso area involving the bar and restaurant industry, model agencies, magazines, live entertainment, fashion brands, digital marketing groups, and non-profit organizations among others.

We are currently looking for enthusiastic individuals that are prepared to work in a real life environment. The intern will work with internal projects of the company as well as with project collaborations with different local businesses. The intern will finish the internship with broad experience in various aspects of marketing, public relations, networking, and advertising.

Download : Elevenivy LLC Intern Positions 2013 for info about requirements and job description.

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